Laligin Tashika (laligin) wrote in notsobigheaded,
Laligin Tashika

Ficathon Roundup!

Well, the (first?) ficathon is now over. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. :) I for one enjoyed reading all of your cunning get-out clauses.

Participants, fics, and banners.

dune_drd wrote Before I Sleep - banner

trobadora wrote Gifts Unasked For - banner

katsuko wrote In For A Pound - banner

donutsweeper wrote Bleak Prospects - banner

fantabumundo wrote Gobsmacked - banner

phantomreviewer wrote My Boemina - banner

laytoncolt wrote an untitled fic - banner

ceindreadh wrote A Boe by any other name - banner

snowwhiteliar wrote Sunshine On Skin - banner

purple_bug wrote One Born Every Minute - banner

Thanks again for taking part, hope you like your banners, and please yell if I missed anything, a link doesn't work, or some other catastrophe has befallen us. :)
Tags: ficathon
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