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Jack's Not That Big-Headed
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Warning: small spoilers for Doctor Who series three (David Tennant, 2007) episode 13.

A community for everyone in denial about Jack's revelation.

Nah, we don't believe it either...

And you don't even have to agree with us to hang around here. If you want to come up with an alternative, either crack!fic or serious, to Jack's new canon, this is the place to do it. Whether you want it to be true or not!

We welcome most anything at all related to the issue: fic, discussion, meta, icons, art, all the usual and more... As long as it's not just accepting the matter, it's fine to be posted here.

For those in denial, you can also refer to our canon post for all the canonical reasons that Jack Isn't That Big-Headed.

1. Play nice! No flaming, and don't get into fights! (This goes for everyone, whether you believe RTD's decision or not...)
2. Assuming everyone coming here knows about the "Last of the Time Lords" revelation, spoilers from this need not go behind cuts. Other spoilers should.
3. When posting fic, please include the Title, Rating, and a direct link in any form. (Word count, spoiler (and other) warnings and other headers are left to your discretion - but please keep lengthy author's notes to a minimum. They can always go behind the link/cut. Oh, and we already know you don't own Doctor Who/Torchwood. We're taking that as a given.)
4. No more than three icons (or a picture of similar size) in front of a cut when posting graphics.
5. Please make use of the appropriate tags! (Fic should be labelled with "fic" and the "fic - rating" tags at least.)

The first notsobigheaded ficathon is now over! For a complete list of the wonderful fics generated, have a look here!